Full Range of Outboard Motor Engine Brackets 

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outboard motor engine brackets


Anglesey Marine and Boat Supplies for all outboard motor engine brackets for supporting all boat outboard back up engines. Different types of outboard brackets available to suit different needs. We supply the economy standard fixed auxiliary outboard engine brackets for boats with adequate transom space. Seagull bracket with sliding shoe to enable outboard engine removal a popular outboard bracket. Adjustable stainless steel and aluminium outboard brackets also supplies as well as platform mounting and rail, pulpit mounting outboard brackets, Anglesey Marine Supplies For Quality Outboard Engine Brackets. Buy direct from your online Anglesey Chandeliers.


outboard engine bracket marine ply auxiliary

Galvanised Outboard Auxiliary Mounting Bracket On Offer

 Boat back up outboard engine mounting bracket, manufactured using galvanised box section and pre-drilled with 4 holes for fixing to transom.

40mm thickness laminated marine plywood outboard mounting pad, yacht varnished for maximum protection against the elements. Fastened on with stainless steel bolts.

Cost effective only £40.99 plus postage


outboard engine bracket seagull auxiliary

Standard Fixed Auxilliary Outboard Bracket

Standard fixed auxilliary outboard engine motor bracket. Salt water resistant coated bracket arm fitted with marine grade laminated hardwood pad. Will take outboard engines up to 10hp 2 stroke.

Low internet price of £79 £65 plus postage


outboard engine bracket removable

Seagull Bracket With Sliding Shoe

Similiar to the outboard bracket above but with anodised sliding shoe. This enables you to easily remove the bracket when not in use, or for security reasons. Also useful on sailing boats. Will take engines up to 10hp. A popular outboard bracket.

Low internet price of £119 £109.99 plus postage




Spare Sliding Shoes For The Seagull Outboard Bracket

Sliding shoe for the seagull outboard bracket, ideal for if you have more than one boat and want to interchange the auxiliary outboard bracket between vessels. Comes complete with marine grade stainless steel screws to fit the bracket.

Currently only £59.99 plus postage



outboard motor bracket engine stainless steel

Stainless Steel Adjustable Outboard Bracket

Outboard motor engine bracket with plastic engine pad. Will take boat engines up to 7hp 2 stroke. Uses 4 bolts to attach to boat transom. 2 position adjustment. 

Only £89.99 £85.99 plus postage



outboard motor engine bracket aluminium

Outboard Motor Engine Mounting Bracket Aluminium

 Aluminium spring loaded auxiliary outboard motor engine outboard fixing bracket with marine grade plywood outboard engine fixing pad. Will take up to a 15hp outboard motor. Has 4 positions of adjustment.

    Offer price of £105.99 £95.99 plus postage



outboard motor bracket stainless

Outboard Motor Engine Bracket Heavy Duty

Heavy duty 316 stainless steel outboard motor engine fixing bracket. Has 5 angles of adjustment for optimium positioning of outboard engine. 12 bolt holes for secure positioning. Rated to take up to 25hp outboard motor engines.

New Introductory Price of £139.99 £119.99 plus postage



outboard engine motor bracket transom

Outboard Motor Engine Bracket Transom Mounted

Outboard motor bracket with laminated wooden pad to mount on transoms, will take outboard engines motors up to 12hp 2 stroke. Attach to the transom via 4 bolts.

Currently only £69.99 £65.99 plus postage


outboard engine bracket platform mounted

Outboard Engine Bracket Platform Mounted

Outboard motor bracket with marine grade wooden mounting pad. Designed to fit onto the stern platform and accommodate the outboard  engine motor. Will take an outboard engine up to 9hp 2 stroke.

   Introductory Price of £69.99 £65.99 plus postage



outboard motor bracket rail mounted

Pulpit Mounted Outboard Engine Bracket 

Rail mounted outboard engine mounting bracket. Will fix onto 22mm-25mm tubing. Fixing pad manufactured from marine grade plywood and is supplied with a marine grade stainless steel tube base. Outboard mounting bracket pad size is 210mm x 260mm. Will take up to 8 hp 2 stroke outboard engine.

Very Low Price of £69.99 £59.99 plus postage


outboard engine bracket auxiliary rail mounted

Rail Mounted Outboard Motor Bracket Auxiliary Boat Engine

 Rail mounted auxiliary outboard engine bracket, Will mount on boat rails from 22mm to 25mm tubing. Pad is manufactured from marine grade plywood and is supplied with a stainless steel tubular base. The pad size is 210mm x 260mm. Will carry up to 8hp 2 stroke or 3hp 4 stroke outboard engine.

Available for only £54.99 plus postage




Outboard Auxiliary Engine Lanyard

Outboard motor safety lanyard. A useful and recommended item to attach to your outboard engine when using an engine bracket of any sort. An inexpensive item that will prevent loss of engine.

Available for only £12.99 plus postage



outboard motor engine jacking plate

Longshaft Outboard Engine Lifting Jacking Plate

Small outboard engine jacking lifting plate, manufactured from aluminium, 4" setback, 3" height. Max outboard engine weight of 150lbs. An inexpensive solution when changing from a shortshaft outboard engine to a longshaft.

Available for only £119.99 plus postage



CMC transom engine lift jacking plate bracket mount boat powerlift

CMC Hydraulic Outboard Engine Transom Jacks

CMC hydraulic transom jacks, high speed power lift to raise and lower all outboards up to 300hp. The hydraulic actuator is self contained with its own fluid reservoir. Manufactured from aluminium extrusion and marine grade 316 stainless steel fasteners. The transom outboard engine lift has a vertical lift of 5" and is set off the transom by 5.5"

Available for only £749.99 plus postage



cmc manual transom power lift bracket outboard

CMC Manual Boat Outboard Engine Power Lift

CMC Manual transom mounted outboard engine power lift,  manufactured from extruded aluminium alloy with stainless steel 316 marine grade fittings. Centrally located adjustment screw to adjust height even when engine is in place. Has a vertical lift of 5" and 5.5" set back from the transom. Rated to V8.

Available for only £349.99 plus postage


fit longshaft outboard engine onto shortshaft boat transom
Transom Fix Plate Fit Longshaft Engine To Any Boat

The transom fix bracket is made from 3/8" thick alloy extrusion and provides an inexpensive solution to mount a long shaft outboard engine to a short transom. Also can be used as a fixed jack plate for boat engines up to 150hp. Allows 5 1/2" of lift and 4" of stand off from the boat transom.

Available for only £144.99 plus postage




boat engine outboard transom wedges

Cast Aluminium Boat Outboard Transom Wedges

Cast aluminium boat transom wedges. Will add an extra 5 percent of tuck to the transom angle. Will fit all standard four bolt patterned outboard engine.

Offer Price of only £55.99 £52.99 plus postage



outboard transom pad saver protector mount mounting

Outboard Engine Protective Transom Pad

Small outboard engine transom pad, manufactured from non slip plastic. Prevents outboard engine toggle clamps from damaging the boat. 255mm long and 86mm wide. 

Available for only £4.99 plus postage